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Supporting trainees through the training continuum

3 Hour Workshop aimed at Educational Supervisors to help with trainee support, 3 CPD points.

Interactive workshop approved by RCP and suitable for all faculty members and senior trainees involved in supervising medical and dental trainees. The workshop focuses on recognising and managing issues that may affect trainee’s progress. Participants explore signs and triggers of support issues, learn pathways of referrals and discuss techniques of supervising trainees with various support needs.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Describe issues that may have significant impact on training progression

  2. Develop skills in understanding support issues and recognise triggers related to work performance

  3. Develop skills in effective supervision of trainees with support needs

  4. Develop skills in constructing specific educational plans with reasonable identifiable objectives and outcomes needed for satisfactory progression

  5. Knowledge of how to support a trainee with ill health or disability in the workplace

  6. Identify where to find information and resources

  7. Role of Specialty Performance Lead and their responsibilities within each Specialty School

  8. Increase networks and potentially create a community of support within HEIW and deaneries

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