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  • Accessing Support ( )
    • Self-referral – If you are a trainee in medical, dental or pharmacy training programme in HEIW considering seeking support you are welcome to contact us to book an appointment or to enquire about resources.
    • Referral by trainer/supervisor - If you are a trainer considering a referral for a trainee we recommend that you:
      • Define training issue or support need
      • Discuss the referral with the trainee
      • Document evidence as required
      • Contact the PSU team and we will invite the trainee to a meet
    • ARCP – the PSU Team contact trainees who received an Outcome 2 or 3 at their recent ARCP to offer support services.
      • Trainees are not obliged to take up the offer for support, however if you are a trainee in this situation you may wish to know that evidence from 2018 study (‘The role of the Professional Support Unit in specialty training’ Hardway M, Kevelighan E, Gasson J, Walsh L 2018.), showed that engagement with the PSU resulted in 62.7% of trainees returning to Outcome 1 and if a trainee engaged with the PSU, they had an 11% higher chance of Outcome 1 or 6 as opposed to those who did not engage.
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