Specialty Professional Support Leads

Professional Support Leads serve as the key interface between Wales Deanery Professional Support Unit and the Specialty School in order to support trainees in Wales with issues around progression, professional competence, health (including disability) and updates the School Board on any issues relating to progression issues.

This role is often fulfilled by the Training Programme Director or another member of the STC.

  • First point of contact for the Deanery Professional Support Unit within the School for matters relating to any concerns raised
  • Is familiar with support provision, , resources and procedures from the Deanery.
  • Disseminate and/or reinforce above information to STC chairs, educational supervisors, clinical supervisors, college tutors, PG managers and others involved in supporting doctors in specialty training who have progression in training issues.
  • Assist the Performance Unit in organisation and delivery of specialty specific performance related training to educational and clinical supervisors.
  • Act as a point of contact for educational supervisors and tutors who seek specialty-related information and advice to help inform their ongoing educational planning, assessment implementation and discussions with training doctors.
  • Ensure that doctors identified with issues with progression of training have a specific educational plan in place with reasonable identified objectives and outcomes needed for satisfactory progression.
  • Provide, where appropriate, expert advice to training doctors who are referred with more detailed or complex issues within the specialty. Alternatively, signposting them to the Deanery Performance Unit for further intervention.
  • Distribute emerging information related to performance issues within the specialties/Royal Colleges etc to the Performance Unit to ensure up to date developments are shared.
  • Liaise as necessary regarding reasonable adjustments required for trainees with a recognised disability.
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