What we do

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) is responsible for overseeing all doctors and dentists in training in Wales (approximately 2,600) and for addressing issues that may arise during the training process, which could hinder progression. To ensure quality management HEIW has developed systems to respond quickly to any concerns raised.

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) was created in 2008 to support all doctors and dentists in training in Wales to maximise training opportunity. PSU provides guidance and information to all parties involved in postgraduate medical and dental training. To date 1,004 doctors and dentists in training in Wales received PSU support. 229 cases are currently ongoing.

Our Aims

  • To offer advice guidance and support to trainees in their professional context
  • To promote early identification of issues which may lead to referral to the professional Support UnitTo provide clinical and educational supervisors with a clear structure for identifying and addressing the issues
  • To establish clear lines of responsibility for all educators involved in managing trainees
  • To provide a network of support for educators throughout Wales
  • To provide access to experts who can deal with specific areas

Our Objectives

  • Managing risk
  • Clear standards and a code of practice, with accountability
  • Supporting infrastructure
  • Clearly defined roles for key people within HEIW and the LHBs
  • Early identification and timely intervention
  • Continuity and communication
  • Formal training and development for all stakeholders
  • Full engagement of all stakeholders
  • Identifiable success criteria
  • Robust audit and evaluation
  • Quality assurance (internal and external)

Who we support

All medical and dental trainees in Wales.

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