The Professional Support Unit (PSU) was established in 2008 to support all doctors and dentists in training in Wales to maximise training opportunity. 

PSU provides guidance and information to all parties involved in postgraduate medical and dental training. On average, 10-12% of doctors in Wales are receiving support at any one time.

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HEIW is responsible for overseeing all doctors and dentists in training in Wales and for addressing issues that may arise during the training process, which could hinder progression.

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International medical graduates

In the UK the term International Medical Graduates (IMGs) refers to overseas doctors and refugee doctors whose primary medical qualification is from a medical school outside the UK and EU. This term also includes UK citizens who have trained in medical schools outside the UK and EU, and overseas doctors who have trained in a UK medical school but do not have rights of residence.

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Refugee doctors

HEIW has for many years worked on behalf of refugee doctors, who have fled persecution in their own countries to seek asylum in the UK, and who now wish to rebuild their careers here.

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